Avoid The Winter Workout Rut

Posted on Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 at 05:49 PM

Avoid The Winter Workout Rut

Even the biggest fitness fanatics among us struggle to get out of bed during the dark, cold winters. Follow these six tips to beat your winter workout rut and get back to feeling and looking yourself again.

Even the biggest fitness fanatics among us struggle to get out of bed during the dark, cold winters. Anything beyond your warm, cosy bedsheets at 5am is not appealing in the slightest – especially when it’s sub-zero degrees. Keeping your workout motivation during the winter is hard, but follow these six tips to beat your winter workout rut and get back to feeling and looking yourself again.

#1 Get the right kit

Having some staple winter workout gear is crucial. There’s nothing worse than going for a morning run and your ears being so cold that it is actually painful to stay outside. If you know the winter chill is going to put a downer on your workout, wrap in the right kit for you.

If you’re a swimmer, the innovative fabric technologies in the Halocline swimwear ranges are a breath of fresh air. They’ll set you up for a killer outdoor session. Not only will the right kit keep you focused and warm, but you always feel so much better working out in new kit, don’t you think?

#2 Accept the chill

Yes, in the mornings while you’re still warm in bed it can feel impossible to voluntarily drag yourself out of bed and into the chilly air. But, you might surprise yourself if you embrace the weather. After all, just being outside is motivation itself. You have the great outdoors right in front of you, so go on, push yourself.

Crisp, fresh air clears your head, you will burn more calories since your body is working overtime to regulate your core temperature, and if you’re lucky enough to catch the sun you’ll get a vital dose of vitamin D. With so many benefits waiting for you outside of your sheets you’ll never miss a winter workout again.

#3 Freshen up your playlists

Having some fresh music to first get you pumped to workout, and then keep you going to hit your goals, is key. Music between 120 and 140 beats per minute is the optimum exercise music. Try something new with the Electro Workout or Power Workout Spotify playlists and see how a fresh playlist can make a difference.

A decent playlist can be the difference between an average workout and your best workout of the week, especially since research has shown that music is a key motivator for working out as it helps to reduce the mental effort required to have a great session.

#4 Get a buddy

Exercising with a buddy means one thing, you’re committed. Whether it’s with a friend or a personal trainer, the personal effort required for your workout is ramped up a level compared to working out alone. You’ll be pushing yourself harder as your buddy encourages you, and gives you a reason to continue when you feel like giving up. During a cold, dark winter workout this is exactly the kind of motivation you need, helping you to feel more positive about exercising and more committed to your fitness.

#5 Try something new

Doing the same type of workout routine, day by day, week by week is boring and mundane. You’re stuck in a rut, uninspired and you might even find you stop feeling like you’ve worked your body at all. Our bodies become used to the same workout, so physically and mentally you won’t be pushing yourself. This means you won’t see results either. It’s time to mix things up.

Trying something completely out of your comfort zone is exactly the kind of change you need to get you out of your winter rut. If your workout is normally pretty cardio heavy, try boxing or combat class. A workout with a level of resistance will shock your body back into gear. If you spend most of your time in a pool, how about trying your luck out on a pitch? Check out your local hockeynetball or football teams.

Our bodies thrive on variation, making different muscles work for different reasons is how we burn fat and build strength!

#6 Prep your meals

It is easy to lose sight on your diet when the weather turns and the chill arrives. Sitting in with a warming rich dinner is so appealing and while there is nothing wrong with that, this might not be the best approach for your training.

You know it’s cold, your buddy is waiting for you, and you have your new kit. But keeping on top of your nutrition is just as important, especially as it is a key defence against flus and viruses. Whether you prepare a workout shake before your session, or have your breakfast laid out for you ready for when you return, putting some thought into your meals will do wonders.

Preparing food is such a good way of keeping your day organised. You will be more conscious of what you are putting in your body since you won’t want to undo your hard work. You’ll feel active, energised and rested ready for the next session.

It is surprising how making simple changes to the way you think and approach your fitness routine can make all of the difference to your lifestyle. You will see results if you follow these 6 tips and have a realistic goal in mind. Your body will thank you, you will have a clear and sharp mind, and you will be illness free, all while working towards a stronger and happier life!


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