Flowin Friction Board & Training System Review

Posted on Saturday 28th of January 2017 at 08:45 PM

Flowin Friction Board & Training System Review

Tomy Ames, owner and operator of Goalie Crease - the largest network of ice hockey goalies on the web - provides an in-depth review of the Flowin Friction Training System.

By Tomy Ames

The Flowin Friction Board and Training System is an incredibly useful and innovative training tool out of Sweden. After watching Cirque du Soleil performers using it as a training tool in their strength and conditioning programs, I immediately wondered how well it would work in a hockey and goalie-specific program. In this video Jim Adams, fellow goalie and owner of Catalyst Strength and Functional Nutrition, professional hockey player Matt Lashoff, and I demonstrate several of the exercises I've been incorporating into my program, which has had incredibly results in my on-ice performance. Make sure to check out my other strength and metabolic videos to see how the Flowin has been incorporated into those specific workouts! Enjoy!

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