Flowin Distributor Feature - Gymna

Posted on Wednesday 31st of July 2019 at 11:57 AM

Flowin Distributor Feature - Gymna

Here at Flowin we work with some wonderful people all over the world, and we want to recognize them! This year we’ll be featuring one partner or distributor on our website every month, and this month we’re featuring Belgium-based Gymna.

About the company

Gymna Belgium is for more than 50 years now successfully active in the world of equipment and accessories for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is ‘the’ reference partner for physiotherapists in Belgium. 

About the writer

Marie Verougstraete, physiotherapist, is the product manager of the exercise therapy equipment and consumables at Gymna. She is also responsible for the Gymna ‘Academy’.

Here’s what they had to say about Flowin

We chose to work with Flowin because it’s versatile and almost every patient can work with it. The patients can train strength, core stability, mobility, balance, control and coordination by making functional movements. Friction training requires stabilization of the core muscles to control the movement, which is important to exercise in a safe way.

Both patients and top sporters can exercise with Flowin. The difficulty of the exercise is easy to adjust by changing speed, resistance, contact points and movement size. Changing the resistance is possible by giving more or less pressure on the pads. Compared to training with weights this low impact concept is better for the joints because the own body weight is used. So there is no risk for injuries because of overexertion. As it is essential to use Flowin correctly, we organize stability trainings for physiotherapists.

To Shop Flowin products at Gymna, head to: https://www.gymna.be/nl/shop/oefentherapie/balans-en-stabiliteit.html?merk=flowin

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