Here at Flowin, we care about the environment. As part of our continuing work with sustainability, we're offering some of our products at a discounted rate. These products have the same patented friction surface as all our Flowin Boards, but may have minor cosmetic variations or errors. These variations are purely cosmetic and do not affect the quality of the workout you get from your Flowin Board.

Offering these products at outlet prices instead of discarding them diminishes environmental impact and material wastage, which is great for the environment, and great for you!

We only have a limited number of each product below, on a first come first serve basis.

FLOWIN® Fitness

FLOWIN® Fitness

The FLOWIN® Fitness Board is our smallest and most portable FLOWIN® Board yet. Half the size of the FLOWIN® Sport Board, it is even easier to bring with you wherever you’re going.


FLOWIN® Pro White Lynx

FLOWIN® Pro White Lynx

The FLOWIN® Pro Board featuring Lynx Pads is a stiff board suitable for use in a stationary environment such as a home, studio, or gym environment.


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