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The main differences between Flowin and other products on the market is our patented friction technology. Unlike gliders or disks on the floor, the Flowin Board provides resistance which means that you are working your muscles in both the concentric and eccentric phases of movement. With sliders and gliders you are unable to control the friction, increasing the risk of injury. Using the Flowin Board ensures that you always have a safe and tested surface - minimizing the risk of injury, and maximizing the results from your workout.

The Sport and Pro Boards are our most popular products. They are both the same size (138x98cm), but the Pro Board is rigid whereas the Sport Board is rollable and portable and comes with a carrier bag with space for both the board and the pads.

The Pro, Sport, Pro Plus, and Science Friction Boards measure 138x98 cm. The Physio Board measures 98x68 cm.

Shipping is calculated individually based on your location. You can easily find out your shipping by creating an account and adding your address. The shipping cost will show up in the basket. The delivery will be sent either to your home address or a local collection point.

Delivery is normally 5-7 working days.

Coronavirus update: Please expect some delays to shipping times due to the current COVID19 situation. Several shipping companies are experiencing a higher workload than usual which may affect delivery times.

Yes - we need your address in order to calculate your shipping and send your order. Creating an account is quick and easy – and once you have your account you also get access to hundreds of exercises to help you get started with your Flowin Board. We won’t give your details to any third parties.

We currently offer Euro, Pound, US Dollars, and Swedish SEK in the shop. Once you log in and add your address you will see the shop in your respective currency. Customers from countries outside Europe, the UK and the US, will have Euro as standard currency.

The Sport Board is rollable and sometimes the sides may roll up. This can happen if the board hasn’t been used for a while. But not to worry – this is easily fixable! Just roll the board the opposite way around and leave it for a day or so, and it will straighten right out. The best way to prevent the sides from rolling up is to roll the board opposite ways each time you use it (with the print outwards some times, and with the print inwards other times).

The Flowin board comes with 5 pads which are used under your hands, knees, feet, and elbows to achieve friction with the board. The largest pad is for knees and does not slide. This pad is simply for support for your knees or shoulders during some of the exercises.

The Flowin Board is best cleaned using denatured alcohol, which you can find in most stores. Be sure not to use any household cleaner on the board or it may damage the surface. Always make sure the board is free from dust and dirt before starting your workout.

Yes. The Flowin Sport Board is designed to come with you wherever you go. Some airlines will accept it in the carry-on compartment, and others require you to check it in to hold luggage. Check with your airline for their specific guidelines.

Returns are accepted within 30 days, customer pays return shipping.