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BOSU® brand name is an acronym for ‘both sides utilized’. The BOSU® Balance Trainer can be used with the flat side either up or down, for different types of balance training.

The solid platform is 63.5 centimetres (25 inches) in diameter, and the ball should be inflated until it is firm. Two recessed handles on the bottom and the sides make it easy to turn over or carry the BOSU® Balance Trainer. This hybrid fitness device was first developed in the medical world, as were the balance, functional and sport-specific exercise programmes. Neuromuscular physiology, the science that defines human movement, forms the basis of this complete approach to exercise. The BOSU® Balance Trainer can be said to make exercising more appealing and more effective to the average person, and to fitness enthusiasts and trained athletes alike.

BOSU® Balance Trainer PRO has - in contrast to the BOSU® BT Home - a double-layered platform and an anti-slip band at the bottom for extra strength, durability and grip.

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