BOSU® BT Elite

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BOSU® BT Elite

Introducing BOSU® Elite, a specially-designed version of the BOSU® Balance Trainer that helps improve athletic speed, power, body mechanics, and balance, and complements new, WeckMethod™ programming.

If you use the BOSU® Ball, you are going to love this new dimension of BOSU® Ball training. If you don't, the BOSU® Elite will add a whole new dimension to how you train. What makes the new BOSU® Elite so special? It's not about instability training, it's about resistance training. The BOSU® Elite's new high-density dome and reinforced platform are designed to generate a powerful elastic resistance- exciting untapped muscle fibers and bringing them to their max force limit. Everything you do on the BOSU® Elite is amplified. This is why the BOSU® Elite is the new go to training tool for top strength coaches, pro athletes, pro trainers, and fitness professional worldwide.


BOSU Elite Balance Trainer
Owner's Manual
Hand Pump and Plug
Online access to comprehensive video library

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