Loumet™ Rope Ball 1-4 kg

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Loumet™ Rope Ball 1-4 kg

Loumet™ Rope Ball is a versatile piece of training equipment.

Used for functional resistance training or high intensity anaerobic conditioning.
Loumet Rope Ball combines the highly durable one piece roto-molded Loumet Gymball with a high performing, premium quality double braid rope.
Available in 1-4kg weights and colour coded for quick and easy identification.
Ideal for dynamic swinging, chopping and throwing exercises, the Loumet Rope Ball can help work the core, shoulders, arms and back as well as the lower body.

Areas of training with the Loumet Rope Ball include:

- Explosive wall rebounding exercises, such as rotational chops
- Rhythmic stabilization drills like the swinging figure 8 exercise
- Explosive floor core training like the three point kneeling chop
- Dynamic integrated training including standing lunge and slam drills

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