Loumet™ Fitness Ball Pro 45-75 cm

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Loumet™ Fitness Ball Pro 45-75 cm

Durability and performance are the focus of Loumet’s manufacturing, making the Loumet PRO ball the safest and most reliable fitness ball on the world market today.

Loumet’s hand on production ethos and manufacturing protocol provides a level of quality control & assurance unique to fitness ball manufacturing. Every ball is inflated and inspected prior to packaging and each fitness ball is individually marked with a batch lot so as to monitor production. The production and testing systems work in unison allowing Loumet to continually evaluate material performance & ensure product consistency, significantly reducing the risk of fitness ball failure. Loumet fitness balls are manufactured specifically for professional and high use environments. Our integrated testing program focuses on the durability, safety, reliability & performance of the Loumet PRO ball.

Independent testing by SGS found the Loumet PRO ball to show no signs of damage after being loaded with 200kg for 12,000 cycles, displaying a superior resistance to stretching & deformation. The burst resistance rating (BRR) is the tested weight up to which the ball will take over 30 seconds to deflate when punctured. A 90kg (200 lb) individual moving on a fitness ball applies a far greater dynamic weight, making a high BRR very important. Loumet PRO ball is tested to a BRR of 350 kgs (770 lbs) & a static loading of 1000kg. Durability & performance are the focus of Loumet’s tests and ratings. The criteria includes resistance to stretching, deformation, wear & tear, the ability to quickly return to shape and maintain & perform at its nominated BRR.

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