Let's Bands Powerbands MAX Light Yellow

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Let's Bands Powerbands MAX Light Yellow

Our powerbands MAX Yellow has an extra-light resistance and is ideal for women and men.

In addition to strength and interval training, you can also use our powerband MAX Yellow for shoulder, arms, lower body, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. Recommended for beginners, advanced users and professionals.


The powerbands MAX yellow (100 x 1,5 cm) puts a complete fitness center in your bag. Our powerband MAX extends your training options, particularly in the field of strength training, flexibility, core stability, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and rehabilitative programs. It's an ideal tool to extend intensive full-body workouts, abs and lower body exercises, and for stability and balance training.

Use for rehabilitation, dynamic warmups, loaded stretching functional strength training, cardiovascular benefits, foot agility, power training, plyometry, and core stability. Max bands come in 5 different levels of tension to suit all fitness levels: yellow (light), green (medium), blue (heavy), black (extra heavy) and our Mobilizer.

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