FLOWIN® Friction Training
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Welcome to FLOWIN®

FLOWIN® Friction Training is a multifunctional easy to learn bodyweight training concept and training equipment.

Complete fitness solution

FLOWIN® Friction Board fits perfectly in your home and tight daily schedule and can be used by anyone in your family

Easy to learn

We help you by supplying the best, easy to learn, Online Gym with training exercises and full workout programs.

Massive results

A 15 minute workout each day will have massive impact on your health and body.

What is Friction Training

Born from decades of expertise of professional athletes and fitness professionals, Friction Training body weight exercises develops strength, stability, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.

Friction Training requires the use of the FLOWIN® Board, a portable performance training tool which utilizes gravity and the user’s own body weight combined with horizontal friction, resulting in an extremely versatile exercise form with hundreds of exercises.

The FLOWIN® concept

Featured products

FLOWIN® Physio

FLOWIN® Physio

Half the size of the Pro Board, the FLOWIN® Physio Board is developed with health professionals in mind, including physiotherapists.



The FLOWIN® Pro Board is a stiff board suitable for use in a stationary environment such as a home, studio, or gym environment. Available in black and white.