FLOWIN® Friction Training
Train Better. Move Smarter. Live Stronger


Complete Training Solution

The FLOWIN® Board offers a virtually endless combination of dynamic body weight exercises, maximizing results and minimizing the risk of injury.

High Quality Materials

Made in Sweden, using high-quality materials, the FLOWIN® Board will be a long-lasting addition to your training routine.

Online Training

The FLOWIN® Board comes with access to individual exercises and full training programs online.


The FLOWIN® Board will help you achieve your desired outcomes and results on the field, at the gym, at home, and on the road.

What is Friction Training

FLOWIN® Friction Training is a high intensity, low impact training concept which leverages gravity, the user’s own body weight, and the FLOWIN® Board’s patented friction surface to produce an endless range of dynamic exercises.

The FLOWIN® Board is used by professional athletes, personal trainers, and leading physiotherapists around the world.

FLOWIN® Friction Training has helped many of the top global sports teams (including football, basketball, and ice hockey teams) achieve substantial results on the field, on the court, and in the rink for years.

The FLOWIN® concept

Featured products

FLOWIN® Fitness

FLOWIN®  Fitness

The FLOWIN® Fitness Board is our smallest and most portable FLOWIN® Board yet.

FLOWIN® Pad Set 1

FLOWIN®  Pad Set 1

A set of pads as replacement or as your own personal set to bring to the gym.

FLOWIN® Physio

FLOWIN®  Physio

Half the size of the Pro Board, the FLOWIN® Physio Board is developed with health professionals in mind, including physiotherapists.